by Dennis Massa

Released 2017
Released 2017
" Imagine " Performed by Dennis Massa
Words & Music by John Lennon .

CD Cover art, created by world
renowned Conductor: Gregory Singer. (c) Gregory Singer Art

Gregory's art can be viewed at
" Imagine "

Album Notes
" Imagine " Performed by Dennis Massa
Words & Music by John Lennon.
Guitars : by Dennis Massa
Mandolin: by Dennis Massa
Vocals: Performed by Dennis Massa

What happens when you pull together a touch of Dire Straits (Sultans), Gregg Lake ( of Emerson Lake and Palmer), a hint of Dylan, Tom Petty, Eddie Vedder, & Chris Cornell, a whisper of Prine and a dose of of the Spirit—with a sprinkle of time thrown in for good measure? " Imagine " Performed by Dennis Massa

I have some talented friends scattered underneath the beautiful spacious skies, just over the majestic purple mountains, and some right in the middle of the amber waves of grain! They were given to me over the years, and I'm always so proud to see them succeed, and glad to "Spotlight" their accomplishments to others.

From Long Island, NY, I introduce to you Dennis Massa, a talented singer-songwriter-instrumentalist-violin maker-recording engineer-producer. Today he debuts his new Single release, " Imagine ". Now on CD Baby & apple itunes & 90 other web sites. Check him out. Download " Imagine" from the cloud to your ears. - Gary Landerfelt: Technical Writer, MSR at ExpressJet Airlines, & Atlanta Music Research Group.

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Performance by dennis massa
(c) Dennis Massa 2017 All rights reserved

My Commentary written by Dennis Massa
on Gregory Singer art work for the Imagine CD cover.

Single Cover art work by "Gregory Singer " ..............
While on the phone with Gregory , A good friend of mine in NYC who is an artist, conductor, violinist & has a violin shop, yesterday quickly drew a sketch and sent it to me by email.

.... it was three figures on earth with three parachutes.
I responded immediately and recognized what he was trying to say thru
his art work, I wrote this commentary in a few minutes and this is what I told him
his art work represents.
this represents the :

" The Pendulum of Life " by dennis massa. april 2017

Psychologically this represent the " Holy Trinity " and the
Higher Conscious Circle of Humanity.
with the Thief on the left and the thief on the right.
and the Jesus or Highest Being is in the middle.
The two thieves are fighting the figure in the Middle,
and the Figure in the middle is telling them to hold on
as they will soon receive the knowledge, and then will
enter with him to a Higher Level of Consciousness.
Represented by the Pink animals rising to the Higher
Level, of course which is all psychological, not Literal.

This is a sort of " Pendulum of Life " in balance so to speak.
Here we have to find the "Balance" of Life within our-self.
The middle figure represents that balance and is the perfect
point of balance in the Pendulum of the Three figures that we need to obtain.

The One or higher being or Jesus figure in the middle
is telling the two thieves, they will be with Him in a higherlevel of Consciousness.

the Parachutes are taking their purer essence to higher ground.
as represents the 3 pink animals tied to the parachutes line's .

Pink color represents our purer Essence.
Where we have to make Essence active and
Personality Passive. Pink hearkens back to a form when we were
young and in pure Essence up to the age of 5 or so, and then we develop
Personality, and it takes a life time to get rid of Personality before we
can go back to Our "Pink" self ( Essence) , as is exhibited by your Pink animals
which are hanging by a Thread ( the Pink Lines of Life which are so
"Fragile " )

This represents our lower self, that is tied to the earth, and will
be suspended as to a time when we can be delivered from the prison
we are in. ( represented by the 3 figures, whose "feet" touch the Green
land masses, as the Feet, our lowest form touches the "Earth" .
In your art work, we are ascending to a Higher Level within our self.
As all things are internal, not external.

The 3 figures, the 3 parachutes, 3 pink animals,
3 Greeen layers of land they stand on , 3 white clouds,
3 harnesses for the pink animals, 3 colors red white blue,
all reflect the symbolism of 3.
One of the perfect completion number of 3.

Also the clothes and the color represent something also.
The Blue Figure in the middle is dressed as a US Civil War Soldier,
the Red Figure is a French Soldier Napoleon days, and the White Figure
is the UK Naval soldier. This is what they are psychologically clothed in.
WAR figures representing the war within ourselves and the colors
blended together red, white, and blue, mixed together..........
White signifies purity and innocence, Red, hardiness & valor, and Blue, the color of the Chief Leader signifies vigilance, perseverance & justice."
the Brown sun, represents the "cloudiness" that is in our nature, which will turn to white "Light" , when we ascend to the Higher Conscious circle of Humanity.

This is the state most of us are in .
The Pendulum of Life. We hang in the "balance", and strive
to find the balance of life which is represented by the Middle Blue Figure.
The attainment to a Higher Level of Consciousness
is something we can all develop and achieve.
Then we can Rise to the Heavens.
The heavens of course, being in our self.

- Dennis Massa June 7th 2017
CD Cover art, created by world
renowned Conductor: Gregory Singer. (c) Gregory Singer Art

Gregory's art can be viewed at

Gregory Singer: Musician, producer, conductor, artist and educator.
Prolific Violinist, also a composer and has lead his Manhattan Symphonie Orchestra
in concerts in Carnegie Hall and 6 tours of China.
Conductor & Director of the Manhattan Symphonie, NYC., which he founded in 2005.
He also owns a fine violin shop on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.
Gregory has also worked as a musician on many movie
soundtracks, Numerous Broadway shows, ballets, operas, and recordings.