What Treasured Gift

by Dennis Massa

Released 2018
Released 2018
A Poem by Jeff Meyers & Read by Dennis Massa. Original Music Written, and Performed by Dennis Massa
What Treasured Gift.

(c) dennis massa / jeff meyers 2018

Words by Jeff Meyers.

Music by Dennis Massa.

Read by Dennis Massa & Original Guitar Instrumental by Dennis Massa.

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Dennis Massa a talented singer-songwriter . Performing " What Treasured Gift " ............ What happens when you pull together a touch of Dire Straits (Sultans), Gregg Lake ( of Emerson Lake and Palmer), a hint of Dylan, Tom Petty, Eddie Vedder, & Chris Cornell, Burl Ives, Elvis, Jimmie Rodgers, Gordon Lightfoot, a whisper of John Prine and a dose of of the Spirit—with a sprinkle of time thrown in for good measure? Performing " What Treasured Gift " ........... ( Gary Landerfelt: Technical Writer, MSR at Express Jet Airlines)............ CD Cover art, created by world renowned Conductor: Gregory Singer. (c) Gregory Singer Art...................... Contact: (six three One ) 765-8005 tel................to send email to Dennis Massa: solmassa (at) yahoo.com


Album Notes:
Dennis Massa Performing " What Treasured Gift "

(c) Dennis Massa / Jeff Myers 2018

Reading Voice by - dennis massa
Guitar's - Dennis Massa

Original Cover Art created by (c) Gregory Singer

Contact: (six three One ) 765-8005 tel...............
to send email to Dennis Massa: solmassa (at) yahoo.com

visit Dennis Massa at his new web site at https://www.dennismassa.com

.... I have some talented friends scattered underneath the beautiful spacious skies, just over the majestic purple mountains, and some right in the middle of the amber waves of grain! They were given to me over the years, and I'm always so proud to see them succeed, and glad to "Spotlight" their accomplishments to others.

From Long Island, NY, I introduce to you Dennis Massa, a talented singer-songwriter-instrumentalist-violin maker-recording engineer-producer. Today he debuts his new single, Dennis Massa, Performing his Original Guitar Instrumental Solo " A Beautiful Dreamer " .............. ........... Now on CD Baby & apple itunes & 90 other web sites. Check him out. Download Dennis Massa...Dennis Massa, Performing his Original Guitar Instrumental Solo " A Beautiful Dreamer " ........... from the cloud to your ears............... ( - Gary Landerfelt: Technical Writer, MSR at Express Jet Airlines, & Atlanta Music Research Group) .

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Featuring the art of Gregory Singer...........
CD Cover art, created by world renowned Conductor: Gregory Singer. (c) Gregory Singer Art.................

" What Treasured Gift " ........ cover art created by Gregory Singer.

Gregory's art can be viewed at https://gregorysingerart.com/..................

Gregory Singer: Musician, producer, conductor, artist and educator.
Prolific Violinist, also a composer and has lead his Manhattan Symphonie Orchestra
in concerts in Carnegie Hall and 6 tours of China.
Conductor & Director of the Manhattan Symphonie, NYC., which he founded in 2005.
He also owns a fine violin shop on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.
Gregory has also worked as a musician on many movie
soundtracks, Numerous Broadway shows, ballets, operas, and recordings.

visit Dennis Massa at his new web site at https://www.dennismassa.com


Biography on Jeff Meyers :


On the day that 9-11 happened, like so many others, I experienced an emotional shock that reverberated through my being. On my way home from work that day, while stopped at a red light, I noticed a woman with 3 children sitting on the corner with one of those "Need Help ... Will Work for Food" signs written on a piece of cardboard. I distinctly remember thinking to myself what a terrible situation she was in and wondered what I could possibly do to help. The light then turned green and I had to move on, and immediately upon arriving at my apartment, something compelled me to sit down at my computer, and "What Treasured Gift" seemed to have written itself...just as I sent it to you...sort of like automatic writing. Never before, or since 9-11, has anything like that ever happened to me.


I was introduced to Psychological Commentaries on the Teachings of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky at the age of 21. During the past 42 years of my "on again-off again" efforts to awaken from my sleep, it has been within the past five years that I have received some measure of benefit from those efforts, the primary being that there is far more understanding to be gained about life than what I had experienced up to that point. Upon partially awakening from the "hypnotism of life", and seeing the utter horror of what mankind had in the past—and continues in the present—to attract to himself, I felt compelled to share some ideas that many of us must come to terms with in our personal lives if there is any hope of a future for mankind on this planet.

As a result of "inner work" on myself, and having a degree of understanding of some of the ideas communicated in the Commentaries, I have experienced a different sense of myself, what Dr. Nicoll calls "...a treasure of incalculable value which cannot be estimated." For years I had struggled to make sense of the Gospel teachings, and the Commentaries have been instrumental in broadening my understanding of the scriptures as well as harmonizing spiritual truth with my own psychology, that is, a psychology that is "awake" and aware of its functioning. Nicoll's perspective has increased my understanding of the nature of the "Holy Spirit" and has brought a greater depth of meaning to the Biblical concept, "the Kingdom of Heaven is within."

As a consequence of integrating some of the ideas found in the Commentaries, I have learned how to contend with the "demons" in my psychological makeup; the violence, judgments and prejudices, something I believe many of us must all do if we are to achieve any measure of inner peace and contentment in the world in which we find ourselves. Today, I sense the urgency of living more consciously in the spirit of love and compassion with every being and as a brother to all.

When one identifies with any nationality, race, religion or ideology that creates a "we/they" dichotomy, that is, where one feels superior to another, more "right" than others, it often becomes all important to "win" or to convince others that one's position or status is better than another's. This causes many divisions between nations, between brother and brother and between one religion and another, often leading—as history proves—to war.

I believe that once humanity as a whole understands the fact that we all inhabit one planet and that we are all part of one humanity, we will be in a better position to understand the urgent necessity of working for the common good of all, and thus avoid future wars.

In this realization, I have discovered an energizing sense of joy and hope for a brighter, more peaceful future, knowing that with the right information, anyone who sincerely wishes to transform him or herself can do so provided that certain efforts are made. If we are to transform our world, we must first transform our own psychology. Only when the vast majority of humanity awakens from the "hypnotism of ordinary consciousness" can we expect to live in harmony as "the family of man" wherein all beings are afforded the opportunity to experience the highest quality of life gifted by our common Creator—a life that all of us were created to enjoy—a level of being that can only be realized when we awaken from the deeply entrenched illusions we hold about ourselves and the universe in which we live, and only when we begin to understand the deeper meaning and significance of human life, and man's place in the universe.

I realize that no one is to blame for the condition of the world except ourselves, and that if we expect to escape from the self-made prisons in which we have confined ourselves, such as crime, poverty, murder, homelessness, hunger, war, and devastation of the planet, we must awaken from our "sleep", a sleep induced by, as Dr. Nicoll says, "missing the mark" (as regards embracing man's higher potentialities), as well as cultural conditioning and ignorance. We must become aware of the damage that we are doing, and how our psychology and level of awareness—or lack thereof—creates the confusion and chaos in our inner as well as the outer world, and then take steps to correct our course. As we awaken from our sleep, we can discover our right relationship with our fellow man, the planet, the universe, and with our Creator.

I have no evidence that God will descend from the heavens to rescue us from ourselves. I believe that we must seek, and with "help from above", rescue ourselves and, as a first step, each of us must seriously consider what is his or her relationship to his neighbor, to humanity, to the planet, to the cosmos, and to our Creator. We must answer the question, "What are we here for?"

I believe that I am responsible for my indifference, my violence and my "unholy" actions. If we hold the view that some external "evil force" is to blame for the present conditions on this planet, we will never face the reality that each of us, all of humankind, is responsible for creating the circumstances in which we find ourselves. If our relationships towards each other and to our planet are to be transformed, each of us must take personal responsibility to make our relationships with each other and with the rest of the world more peaceful and harmonious. If there is any chance of survival, humankind must adopt this attitude of living, and we must stop living simply for our own salvation, for our own security, for our own satisfaction, and for our own pleasure.

Sharing the Gurdjieff Teachings of the Fourth Way and Dr. Nicoll's Psychological Commentaries on the Teachings of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky is my way of adding meaning and purpose to my existence, and in small measure, gives me the opportunity to work alongside many others whose efforts are leading to the creation of a more just, harmonious and peaceful world for all of humanity. It pains my heart to see the deplorable conditions that so many of our brothers and sisters are living in throughout the world, knowing that most will never experience the true joys of the heart. If more of us could consciously live the ideas contained in the Commentaries we would, indeed, guarantee entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven for every man, woman, and child on the planet.

- Jeff Meyers