Songs of Light

by Dennis Massa

Released 2015
Released 2015
An album of thought provoking original music and lyrics encouraging people to think in a New Way and look inward. By looking inward into the light, we can awaken to a higher level of being. (-Maria Savio).
CD is Dedicated to Maria Savio-Song Edits/Cover Art.
Songs of Light CD: Dedicated to Maria Savio-Song Edits/Cover Art.

Words, Music & Performance by Dennis Massa .......
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Studio: New Man Music Sound Studios, NYC

Special Thanks & Dedication To: John "Its a Hit" Tartaglione,
Robert "Screech Owl" Kang, Winston "007" Teak, Carlos Blanco, Ron Rebhuhn,
Susie Parker, Patrick Connelly, Celeste Spiegel, Rex Haynes, Little Al Cimmino,
Josephine Cimmino, John Massa,

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Songs of Light by Dennis Massa. Music that stands the Test of Time. What happens when you pull together a touch of Dire Straits (Sultans), a hint of Dylan, Tom Petty, Eddie Vedder, & Chris Cornell, a whisper of Prine and a dose of of the Spirit—with a sprinkle of time thrown in for good measure? Gravity! I have some talented friends scattered underneath the beautiful spacious skies, just over the majestic purple mountains, & some right in the middle of the amber waves of grain! They were given to me over the years, & I'm always so proud to see them succeed, & glad to "Spotlight" their accomplishments. From Long Island, NY, I introduce Dennis Massa, a talented singer-songwriter-instrumentalist-violin maker-recording engineer-producer. Today he debuts his new album, Gravity. Now on CD Baby & apple itunes & 90 other web sites. Check him out. Download Gravity from the cloud to your ears. - Gary Landerfelt:Technical Writer MSR at ExpressJet Airlines, Atlanta Music Research Group.