Baseball Greats Vol. #1

Dennis Massa

Baseball Greats Vol. #1 is a valuable and unique collection of Baseball songs that are fast becoming a permanent part of Americana, a Lyrical/Musical Masterpiece, Dennis Massa sings the Praises of nine baseball legends.

BASEBALL GREATS VOL. #1 Words & Music by John Tartaglione & Dennis Massa. Guitars & Vocals by Dennis Massa. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I first met Dennis Massa at the Huntington Art League. His love of music and art blended miraculously with mine and together we wrote the Famous BASEBALL GREATS VOL. #1 album, that is now in the Hall of Fame library in Cooperstown, NY. Dennis has a music background that goes back to Nashville and forward to New York. He's a great interpreter of folk music; an excellent guitarist with a voice that has a mix flavor of Burl Ives, Elvis, the old Jimmy Rodgers and Gordon Lightfoot. We're a great team Dennis & I, and we teamed up to bring you this great album of all original Americana FOLK LEGENDS, BASEBALL GREATS VOL. #1. - /John Tartaglione.

BASEBALL GREATS VOL.#1 - Featuring Dennis Massa, ...The stuff dreams are made of .... bring home the magic of baseball, listen to 9 awesome songs about our beloved baseball stars we all knew as kids. Songs include the baseball Hit -"Bad Boy Pete" about the life of Pete Rose, one of baseballs greatest players. ...other notable songs include "Say Hey Willie", "I Can't Forget Ya' Campanella" etc., Songs of the baseball greats, written & performed by Dennis Massa, relive the magical memories of these great American baseball legends. - //TRANSCON ENTERTAINMENT, NYC New York.

Historical Biography for John Tartaglione (co-writer) :

  • Veteran comics creator John Tartaglione lost his battle with throat cancer, Nov. 12th 2003. He was 82. Born in the U.S. in 1921, Tartaglione began his illustrious career as a production artist for Harvey Comics.

He soon moved on to Atlas Comics, the forerunner of Marvel Comics, where he worked on such titles as Journey Into Mystery and Spellbound in the 1950's. During the 1960's, he worked on such titles as X-Men, Daredevil, and Sgt. Fury for Marvel. Tartaglione also illustrated numerous romance comics for both Marvel and DC, inked for Archie Comics, and eventually became Art Director of Marvel.

Tartaglione's best known work came in 1982 with the Life of Pope John Paul II one-shot from Marvel Comics which sold millions through various religious channels. This led to a follow-up one-shot chronicling the life of Mother Teresa. In recent times, Tartaglione worked on the Spider-Man syndicated daily newspaper strip with Larry Lieber/Stan Lee. Other works include, the Mickey Mantle Comic book, Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth, & the Joe Di Maggio Comic book.

And Johns last comic book created in 1995, was the unauthorized biography of Pete Rose titled , 'PETE ROSE #1: "His Incredible Baseball Career", with Editor/Publisher Dennis Massa. He was also a prolific lyricist, who wrote many songs, on Baseball Heroes, Circus music, country ballads & Americana Folk music.

In 1991, He teamed up with Dennis Massa to form MASSTAR CREATIONS, INC, dedicated to producing and creating fine art and music that stand the test of time. Despite losing his ability to speak due to his illness, he managed to finish inking a week's worth of Spider-Man strips the day before he passed away. A great family man, & one of Americas's greatest comic book artists, a Unique American icon. Thanks for "being there", you are missed by the many lives you have touched & changed for the better....... - Dennis Massa/MASSTAR CREATIONS, INC.

.......thanks for listening & hope you enjoy the BASEBALL GREATS VOL. #1 album as much as we enjoyed creating & producing it. John Tartaglione's dream to share music through the wonder of the internet, is being realized & offered here for the first time via the world wide web by CDBABY.COM ..... -//BULLPEN PRODUCTIONS.

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