A Thought on Metanoia

If You have the work inside you, you should Never feel Lost.

No One can hurt you, Life cannot hurt you, the work is bigger than Life.  You have something that is above LIFE.  Let no one control you.  Let no one tell you what to do. Never mind what people say or do. Do not let people disturb your Peace. Do not let people take you down to their level.  If people do not "WorK"  they have nothing. People have tried to take me down, and falsely accuse me, but I am still here and I am still standing.  And I am Strong in Mind and Spirit. Stay away from toxic people and toxic situations.

Your Being Attracts Your Level. Whatever level you are on, if you do not change your mind,
and experience " Metanoia" ( means Change your mind or think in a new way), you will encounter
the same situations, the same people, the same problems.  Change your mind, change the channel,
change your life.  You will then meet new and better people and situations.

If someone says the Guru has now landed in France, you run and see if he is there.
Then they say he has gone to the Antartica. When you fly there he is gone.
Stop Running.

THINK For Yourself.
- dennis massa

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