On Life and Soul

all Humanity is hypnotized by Life. and all of Life is to keep us in a state

of 'SLEEP" .... that is the job of nature and life, most popular music, stadium games of football where the "Mass Hypnosis of people come together to be put in a state of sleeep and then they forget who they are, as they are LOST in the Mass Hypnosis

of the crowds and games.  This mas hypnosis,  keeps people from reaching

their full potential and coming to the full realization of Real "I" , becoming who we

are suppose to become.  finding our true self,  as in the Prodigal Son,  he came home to the father, and came to Himself.  One with the "Light" , God, ourself.

that is why the Bible and Jesus kept saying "wake up" wake up from your deep

sleep, wake up to a new level of being within yourself. Come to the Light.   The Kingdom of Heaven,

resides not outside of you, but the larger world lives inside of you which is the

Kingdom of Heaven or the Higher Conscious Circle of God.

Nothing else matters.

Heaven & Earth shall pass away but the Word of God lives forever.

There is no Death as we know it. All good things live in perpetuity.

Our Mind, music, thoughts, actions.  Jesus and the Great beings live on, as

if they are alive today. and they are. There is no Death. Only Creation & the One True Universal God Energy.

- DM


Oct 5th 2016, email to Gary Landerfelt.........

I have to say, all politicians can not do anything.

They are all lunatics , sociopaths & psychopaths.

the only thing any of us can do is " work on ourselves" , raise our level of being,

and study good Knowledge as related to the Bible etc .

the greatest and most valuable thing we can create in ourselves is our "Understanding".  Understanding is worth more than gold or silver.

thats why J. said do not store valuables and goods on this earth where

moth and rust destroy them, but lay up for yourselves treasures from  the word of God which last forever.


So, I say do not look for happiness, for there is not much on earth, but we need to

look for Peace.  When you have peace, then you have understanding, and you no longer look for happiness,   and then the

external world has no hold over us, no powere to control us.

So, then we are governed by a  Higher power from above,  and not governed by what is

below us.

to me this is the full meaning of Understanding.

wanting to be happy, or finding happiness is very shallow, and when you look into it,  happiness is a very childish behaviour.  When money, praise, or a flattering comment

comes our way we are happy,  when things do not go our way we become unhappy.

Isn't it better to not be controlled by this behavior. Be happy, when things do not go our way,  and when things go our way, do not make a big deal out of it....

Otherwise we are merely machines driven by the flows of the external world.

We are mad machines, driven by desires that we think will make us "happy" ....

this is why, when you have the WORD of knowledge, nothing can bother you, no storm can kill or sink you, we then have something in us that is stronger than us, and therefore we cannot be controlled by the ever shifting winds of LIFE............

this is why, Politicians, are merely lunatics and psychopaths, as in the case of the Hildabeest and Slithery Kaine....


Comemntary on a song I wrote :
Huh? I don't understand how the translation effects it.

I do get the laying of ones soul but honestly life and soul are interchangeable
 in this and frankly to lay down ones soul is even greater than to lay down ones life.


Life and soul are not interchangeable here.
There is no laying down or dying on anyones part.
That is for Hollywood movies, war Heroes, and firefighters.
What has to die is " Self Love"  .....  to hate that part of us, that is what has
to die, and be layed down.....

somewhere in the New testament, it states that unless a man hates himself,
 he cannot understand Christ's teaching. ( A very unusual statement, hard to understand
what is meant by this) .

Jesus said " if any man cometh unto me, and hateth not his own Father,
mother and wife and children and brtheren, and sisters, and yes his own life........
..... he cannot be my disciple".........( also this in a deeper psychological sense
can also mean to hate all the different sides of our self love internally that we have to get rid of.
in essence we have to hate ourselves and not other people.  
and this lets  a little more "Light " into our consciousness)

In the Koine Greek, the word translated  " ones own life" means soul or "psyche".

the saying " to lay down one's life for one's friends" should have been
translated " to go against one's soul for the sake of one's friends".

So this has nothing to do with laying down and giving up your life to die for someone else,
in this instance.  It only means to "  to go against one's soul for the sake of one's friends".

So, in a deeper sense, going against one's self love and that to hate one's life is
to hate this oneself that is formed and controlled by self-love.
thus the strange phrase by Christ, which no one really understood and is
poorly translated from the Greek > Jesus said " if any man cometh unto me, and hateth not his own Father,
mother and wife and children and brtheren, and sisters, and yes his own life........
..... he cannot be my disciple".........

So, the correct translation makes sense,    " to go against one's soul for the sake of one's friends".

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